Latest conditions August 31

With settled weather we are seeing more and more brown trout in close to shore searching for food after the long winter. Some of these are in excellent condition for the time of year, and seem more active than usual, perhaps due to the mild winter we have had.

Below is a lovely brown caught on Thursday by a very happy Olivia C. from Sydney.

Image 2

Windy days see the fish in closest, and more active as they forage amongst the food getting stirred up by the waves. However, the wind does make spotting and casting more difficult, but when we get it right, a solid hook up results, without too much fuss.

On the calm days when the lake is glassy, we are seeing dozens of fish, but they are much more wary, and a careful cast well ahead of the fish is needed, with good discipline not to strike too early.

The weather looks good over the next week, and we’re looking forward to some more great sight fishing.


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