Upcoming flyfishing season 2022/2023

It’s looking good for the upcoming season with the borders fully open, and tourism operators alongside accommodation suppliers all geared up to welcome overseas visitors. I don’t think the rivers will be as busy as they were prior to covid, with the Nth American and European bookings not as prominent as they were in the past.

Heavy consistent rainfall over the winter months has seen lake levels above average, and river levels high. Let’s hope the weather settles down as we approach summer and gives us an early season with plenty of fishing options.

The NZ Professional Fishing Guides Association recently had it’s AGM, and has managed to maintain good membership numbers and an excellent level of preparedness for this season. In NZ using a guide that is not a member of the NZPFGA is a risky and potentially unsafe practice as many guides outside the association do not comply with NZ safety laws and other regulatory compliance obligations.

I have very limited booking places left, and if you enquire and I can’t guide you I’ll put you in touch with a colleague who can.

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