Fishing report August 2019

Over the winter I have not observed any significant high flow events in both the back country and lowland rivers. We also had a good autumn for river flows, so I’m optimistic for some good fishing in rivers that have previously had low flow events which removed all the fish.

Fish are starting to group up around river mouths in the high country lakes. Rainbows are in top conditions, but often hard to sight as they are hanging around deep.
The browns are starting to move around cruising the lake edges to feed – admittedly a bit slow at the moment, but they will get more active soon. In previous years I have had exceptional fishing in September in the high country lakes that are open. Large cruising browns that have not seen a fly for several months at least (if ever!). I have got a couple of favourite spots I target at this time of year if the weather permits. It’s quite unreal to see and land so many fish with not another angler in sight.

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