Brown trout behavior and distribution

Our government run NIWA (national information water atmosphere) organisation has some good information on both brown and rainbow trout. Check out this link:

Green Journeys This is a great website if you’re planning an “affordable luxury” holiday in NZ. They have hand picked the best accommodation and activity providers to showcase the best New Zealand can offer.

Aspiring helicopters

My preferred operator for helifishing, Aspiring helicopters run a professional timely service from their base close to the southern alps.

River flows

Vital stats after rainfall – get to know the levels the rivers fish best at, which level they are fishable until, and optimum lake levels for drop offs, shoreline stalking etc

Weather sites

One of my most visited sites for weather is The 7 day forecast for the South Island is remarkably accurate at ground level for precipitation and more importantly, wind direction. Another useful site as it gives accurate wind speed at … Continued